Neovaginoplasty with pudendal thigh flap for repair of vaginal agenesis: A case report and review of literature

Neovaginoplasty using pudendal thigh flap



Bilateral pudendal thigh flap; neovaginoplasty; Singapore flap; vaginal agenesis


Surgical management of vaginal agenesis constitutes a significant technical challenge. The goal of vaginal reconstruction is to create a neovagina that is both functionally and aesthetically satisfactory using a simple and reliable technique applicable to most.  Bilateral pudendal thigh flaps were used to reconstruct neovagina for a 13-y girl with congenital vaginal agenesis. She presented with cyclical abdominal pain and hematometra, had normal secondary sexual characteristics and grossly normal external genitalia with a dimpling at the site of the vaginal orifice without lower vaginal tract.


Keywords: Bilateral pudendal thigh flap, neovaginoplasty, Singapore flap, vaginal agenesis

Author Biographies

Piyush Giri, Kirtipur Hospital

FCPS Plastic Surgery Resident

Apar Lamichhane, Kirtipur Hospital

MCh Plastic Surgery Resident

Ganesh Dangal, Kathmandu Model Hospital

Professor, Head of the Department, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Shankar Man Rai

Professor, Senior Consultant, Department of Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Kirtipur Hospital