Viable baby from a couvelaire uterus


  • Laxmi RC Patan Academy of Health Sciences
  • Chitra Ranjan Das


A 20 years primi gravida of 32 weeks pregnancy by date was admitted
in the labor room with diagnosis of preterm labor with preeclampsia.
Ultrasonography revealed 36 weeks pregnancy with normal liquor
volume and fundal placenta. Lower segment caesarean section was done
for cephalopelvic disproportion with preeclampsia. A female baby was
delivered weighing 2.4 kg, with apgar score of 6/10 – 8/10. The placenta
was delivered by control cord traction. On the fundus 25% of placenta was
already separated and 500 ml of old retro placental clots were found. It
was abruption placentae (concealed type), the uterus was bluish/purplish
color, which was diffuse on fundal area and effusions of blood were also
seen beneath the tubal serosa. After delivery of the baby uterus was well
contracted 20 weeks size, bilateral ovaries were normal.




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