Tamsulosin in the management of distal ureteric calculi


  • Narayan Thapa Shree Birendra Hospital and Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences
  • Bharat Bahadur Bhandari
  • Bhairab Kumar Hamal


Introductions: Ureteral stones account for 20% urinary stone. Two third of
ureteral stones are seen in lower third of ureter. Medical expulsive therapy is
effective for such stones. This study was designed to observe the efficacy of
‘tamsulosin’ a selective alpha-1 adrenoreceptor antagonist in the management
of lower ureteric stone.

Methods: A cross sectional study of 70 cases of distal ureteral stones of sizes 5
to 10 mm was taken in the Department of Surgery of Shree Birendra Hospital,
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) from January 2011 to
2013. Patients were randomly divided into tamsulosin and analgesic only
groups. Stone expulsion at the end of three weeks was confirmed by X-ray or

Results: Out of 70 patients, stone clearance rate in tamsulosin group was 28
in 35 cases (80%) and 21 in 35 cases (60%) in group II with analgesic only. The mean time of stone expulsion was 8.3 days in group I and 13.5 days in group II.

Conclusions: In this study the use of tamsulosin in treatment of lower ureteral
stones less than 10 mm was safe and effective.

Keywords: alpha blockers, ureteral stone, tamsulosin