Impact of educational intervention on reduction of menopausal effects


  • Ratna Kumari Maharjan Patan Academy of Health Sciences


Introductions: It is helpful for women to learn what to expect and what
options available in transition to menopause. The objective of this study
was to find out the changes in the level of awareness among premenopausal
women after educational intervention.

Methods: Study was carried out at mothers’ group of PinchhenTole Lalitpur
district, Kathmandu, Nepal. One hundred and four respondents were
selected using non probability convenience purposive sampling technique.
Data were collected before and after educational intervention.

Results: The findings reveal that the total awareness score was 26.81 in
pre-test and 31.97 in post test. The grand mean score of awareness was
24.81 in pre-test and 29.85 in post test. Standard deviation was 3.47 and
0.50 pre-test and post-test respectively. The overall difference in knowledge
between pre-test and post-test was highly significant.

Conclusions: Educational intervention among premenopausal women
is highly significant in establishing and strengthening awareness about
menopausal symptoms and its reduction measures.

Keywords: awareness, menopausal effect, premenopausal women,
reduction measures