Clinical profile and outcome of COVID-19 in pediatric hematology-oncology patients.



cancer, children, COVID-19



Pediatric hematology- oncology patients are assumed to be predisposed to severe COVID-19 disease and complications but the robust data form low- and middle-income countries is lacking. Thus, this study was designed with primary objective to find the prevalence and outcome of COVID- 19 in children with hematological or oncological diseases. The secondary objectives were to study clinical characteristics of COVID-19, analyse outcome in terms of need of respiratory support, intensive care, mechanical ventilation or mortality, any delay in therapy and use of COVID-19 directed therapy.


Retrospective review of children with hematological or oncological diseases with confirmed COVID-19 managed at Patan Academy of Health Sciences(PAHS) from January 2020 till September 2021. Patients were screened according to the hospital screening protocol. Clinical characteristics and outcome of COVID-19 along with delay in chemotherapy or local therapy was recorded.


            Twelve children tested positive for SARS- CoV-2 during the study period and  one had reinfection with COVID-19. Nine(75%) were oncology patients while 3(25%) were hematology patients. Fever (83.3%) was most common symptom followed by cough(58.3%). Four(33.3% ) children had mild and 4(33.3%) had severe infection. Eight oncology patients  had delay in starting or continuing chemotherapy or undergoing surgery due to COVID-19. The median duration of delay was 10.5 d (range-7-21 d). The delay in therapy in patients with COVID-19 was significant in comparison to children without COVID-19.


Critical infection with SARS-CoV-2 infection seems uncommon in children with cancer thus continuation of standard chemotherapy can be considered in mild to moderate infection.

Author Biography

Ganesh Shah, Patan hospital, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal




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