Ocular manifestations in patients with corona virus disease ( COVID-19)

Ocular manifestations in covid-19



COVID-19; ocular manifestations; ophthalmology; Nepal


Background: Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has affected many subspecialties including ophthalmology. We aimed to find out the ocular manifestations of the disease in the Nepali population.

Methods: This was a Descriptive Cross-sectional Study done in hospitalized, confirmed COVID-19 patients in Patan Hospital. Patient data was collected until the prespecified sample size of 90 was reached. Ophthalmological manifestations were recorded in the consenting participants.

Results: Out of 90 patients, 28 (31.1%) had one or more ocular manifestations, with bilateral diffuse red eye being the most common manifestation.

Conclusions: Ocular manifestations are not uncommon in patients with COVID-19. Hence ophthalmologists need to be cautious and consider the possibility of COVID-19 in patients presenting with ocular symptoms.


Author Biographies

Ranjana Sharma, Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Patan Hospital

Dipsikha Aryal, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

MPH Student