Integration of biochemistry into an organ system based medical curriculum using problem based learning

Babu Raja Maharjan, Bibek Upadhyaya Parajuli, Prem Raj Shakya


Medical schools devote considerable time to impart knowledge of biochemistry to medical students for the effective practice of clinical medicine. However, there is a challenge to effectively deliver the biochemistry curriculum in an appropriate clinical context. At Patan Academy of Health Sciences different strategies were under taken to integrate biochemistry curriculum with other basic science disciplines in the context of organ system based curriculum during the undergraduate, curriculum development. Although major portion of the curriculum is covered using PBL; seminars and laboratory sessions along with lectures were also used. After the implementation of curriculum, in-depth interview was used to analyze students' perception on biochemistry curriculum integration. The analysis revealed that students were convinced with the arrangement of curricular content and integrated delivery through PBL, lecture and practical sessions in different blocks except for Principles of Human Biology (PHB) I and PHB II.


Keywords: basic science, integrated curriculum, biochemistry, PBL, undergraduate medical student

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