Ruptured Uterus Requiring Emergency Hysterectomy for Saving Mother

Binita Pradhan, Anagha Pradhan


A 26 years woman with G3P2L0AO at 40 weeks and 6 days of gestation,
but no antenatal clinic visit history presented to Gynecology and Obstetrics
out patient clinic complaining decreased feeling of fetal movement since
2 days. Ultrasonography examination revealed fetal demise with amniotic
fluid volume of 28 cm. Emergency lower segment caesarean section for ante
partum hemorrhage was done. A vertical rupture of the posterior aspect of
the uterus from fundus upto the level of cervix with hemoperitoneum of
two liters was detected. A macerated dead fetus weighing 3.5 Kg was lying
in the peritoneal cavity and the placenta was already partially separated.
The mother after hysterectomy was treated in ICU for two days with
antihyperglycemic agent additionally and discharged.
Keywords: hemoperitoneum, hysterectomy, misoprostol, rupture uterus

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